Professional Practice

I am not (and have not been) paid by any company for any information that I share. I have not been provided with any free products to review, test, sample or distribute since 2011 when at the time I worked for a grocery company (and was given samples to distribute freely to customers of the store).

My posts, reviews, ingredients and recipes come from my personal experiences. Occasionally I might mention a specific brand and I’ll try to explain why. If there is a rare occasion where I share a product brand it is usually because I consider it to be a high-quality product at a low cost, I do not post about brands as a form of sponsorship, a means to make money or for my own personal benefit.

I have never written any information on this website, social media and beyond as a promise or guarantee in an exchange for goods, money or service.

My opinions are my own and I plan to continue to form them on my own terms.

I am committed to the above statements. I will continue to be transparent and honest with any affiliations or financial relationships in the future that could potentially influence my views.

For a closer look at what the guidelines are for an Albertan Dietitian please view The College of Dietitians of Alberta code of ethics.


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